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On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


Hi, welcome!

I’m Calyn, your new fitness trainer & BFF, so glad you’re here!

I have always been active and loved fitness. When I was younger, I competed in dance, cheer and figure skating. It wasn’t until the middle of my high-school years that my movement and eating habits significantly changed. I wasn’t happy or confident in those changes. I promised to myself that I was going to make a shift to live a healthier lifestyle. Now, many years later - I remain committed to living that healthy lifestyle every single day.

My goal is for you to leave my workouts feeling happy, healthy, strong, confident and motivated to continue on your fitness journey - whatever that may look like for you. Let’s get in a sweat together and have the best time doing it.

Calyn xo
NASM Certified Personal Trainer + Fitness Instructor
ProNatal Pre/Post Natal Certified


Training with Calyn is amazing. Not only are her workouts killer, but she’s so incredibly sweet. She really makes sure your form is good so that you can feel every move, but won’t give you any exercise you can’t handle. I felt myself getting stronger every time we trained


I always feel my best after a workout with Calyn! She literally kicks my butt every time! And you know she’s doing a good job when you always feel sore the next morning. Working out with her consistently over the past year has made me so much stronger and I feel amazing!


I worked with Calyn the months leading up to my bachelorette party and wedding. I was pretty out of shape post Covid and Calyn was amazing at coming up with workouts that challenged me without totally overwhelming me. She was truly so supportive and I loved working with her!


I was always afraid of working out. Training with Calyn changed this. She took the time to explain each move and always encouraged me on my fitness journey. What I love the most about my sessions with Calyn was that her workouts could be used on the go. Even with her now in Arizona, I continue to do her workouts and follow all her videos.